Friday, August 23, 2013

Delicious Late Summer Sandwich

I admit I love an easy dinner meal that doesn't heat up the house in the summer.  I also love to use the delicious produce I find in my CSA box a different way most every time.  Keeps things interesting.  So check out this yumminess: 

From bottom to top:
bread of choice
homemade organic mayo
homemade organic pesto
organic tomatoes a plenty
organic raw cheese
Starting with the bottom layer, I chose GLUTEN FREE BREAD:  Sandwiches are my comfort food when I fall off the Paleo wagon and wheat gluten is not my friend.  Lucky for those millions of us who can't tolerate it, there are some fairly good gf breads out there.  Next up,

MAYO: (oh how I love homemade mayo.  I really, really love it.) Olive oil, egg yolk, minced garlic, and lemon juice, salt and pepper in the food processor.  I must insert here that most commercial mayonnaise is made with soybean oil which, unless labeled certified organic, is genetically modified and especially when hydrogenated causes a number of health problems such as high cholesterol, reproductive issues and many more.  You'll also find high fructose corn syrup in many mayonnaise brands, phosphoric acid, "natural flavors," the malodextrin, etc. etc. Nightmare in a jar.

PESTO:  Blend fresh CSA basil (about a cup of leaves), CSA garlic (3 cloves),  cashew nuts, salt, and olive oil drizzled into the food processor to desired consistency.

TOMATOES: CSA fresh maters-- I like to pile them on.

RAW MILK CHEDDAR:  Lots of people have sensitivity to dairy, including my little one.  Raw milk cheese, however, doesn't seem to pose as much of a problem for most people with milder sensitivities.  And I'm not referring to organic milk, though that is definitely preferable to the GM milk with rGBH, but it is still pasturized and usually homogenized which causes our bodies to process it differently.  Raw cheese, because of the cheese making process, is safe to eat. I will add too that dairy is vilified in Chinese Medicine as a phlegm-producing substance and that cows milk is only suitable for baby cows.  True and true to an extent.  So choose wisely when you consume dairy.  I just really love cheese.  Don't you?

Toaster oven toast it.  Hence not heating up the kitchen, and Voila! 

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