Monday, February 25, 2013

6 Simple Shortcuts to Slow Food

We all know basically
what we should eat.  Real food, slow food, local, unprocessed fare.  When I talk to my patients about diet, they always say they know they shouldn't eat fast food, no soft drinks, or candy bars. But the amount of readily available, cheap industrial food and the shortage of time for most people muddles mealtime.  In general, I think a big struggle for many people is the basics.  Our body intuitively knows what makes us feel good or not.  But when the bag of chips beckons, how hard it can be to turn a deaf ear.

But there really CAN BE short cuts to slow food!  Here are 6 little ideas to help eat healthy, whole foods meals in a streamlined way.

1.  Belong to a CSA. (Community Supported Agriculture). That means you pay up front and local, usually organic produce is delivered to your neighborhood weekly. This puts fruits, vegetables, and sometimes healthy meats and eggs in your hands that you might not otherwise buy and puts you in a position to be creative with food.  It was through my CSA share that I came to terms with turnips and beets.  And now I can't do without them!  Check out:

2.  Use that crock pot.  I'm a fix it and forget it queen.  Think chili, vegetable stew, ratatoullie, lentil stew, or chicken soup, even hot cereals can be prepared the night before so you can wake up to breakfast already made.  And a crock pot full of  goodness can usually mean at least two meals for the family.

3.  Baked vegetables are fast food.  You can do this in a heartbeat with sweet potatoes, squashes, carrots, beets, the list is endless.
A.  Stab it with a fork
B.  Slap it in a baking dish,
C.  Toss it in the oven at 400 degrees for an hour.  Spend that hour doing whatever you want, but come back to some fragrant deliciousness at the end.  Don't forget the real butter, or olive oil, or balasamic vinegar.

4.  Embrace the smoothie.  Got a blender?  Have some extra leafy greens that you don't want to mess with steaming,  some berries?  Avocadoes, bananas, cucumbers, pears, whatever you love, toss it all together with some juice or almond milk or hemp milk and drink to your health!  I like adding a little unsweetened cocoa powder, or vitamin C powder, or chlorella to breakfast smoothies. 

5.   Cook ahead. If your weeks get like mine, make dishes you love ahead of time, freeze in portions, and take for lunch or pull out for a quick dinner when you're under the gun.

6.  Just ONCE, each week, just one meal, make a big plate of steamed greens for dinner.  Just kale, or kale with swiss chard, or whatever greens your CSA delivers, make that your meal. Try it and tell me how good you feel.  (I love steamed greens tossed with lots of fresh lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper.  Or with tahini dressing.  Creativity wins this one.)

Anyone else have any ideas?  Please share!

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